Unlock Your Personal Charisma

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Have you ever admired successful salespeople who seem to have it all? They are constantly and effortlessly outperforming the rest in their field. They attract the most generous clients, earn the biggest commissions and build the most profitable businesses.

However, here is the irony. Many of them may not be smarter than you, more educated than you or even better looking than you!

Decade of psychological studies have shown that what sets these sales powerhouses apart from you is their personal charisma. They are likeable and easily trusted. Their words carry weight. They have it easy when it comes to influencing others to their way of thinking.

After spending three years interviewing and shadowing top sales professionals across various industries, Eric has narrowed down to eight keys that can help you unlock your unique brand of charisma so that you can sell more and sell easily.

By the time you are done with this book, you will know how to:

  • Get your prospects to like you within seconds
  • Be regarded as an equal by high net worth individuals
  • Discover your own unique qualities that make you charismatic
  • Turn your prospects and clients into life-long fans
  • Speak the language of top salespeople
  • Position yourself as an expert and become highly visible
  • Uncover charismatic behaviours that set the exceptional high
  • Get anything that you want from life with this unspoken secret

This book also includes exclusive interviews with industry leaders to help you put the learning into action.


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