The Future of Selling Manifesto

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Featuring 129 pages of beautifully designed content in which Eric documents over 100 ideas, strategies and tactics that have produced many top salespeople particularly in B2C industries like financial service, real estate and direct marketing, you will learn how to evolve your “old school” sales techniques to sell to a new generation of clients!

This latest book by Eric came about from a year-long of intensive dialogue session with sales leaders, salespeople and sales trainers in the region. You will be happy to know that the content of this book will also go into developing a national level sales program for 160,000 salespeople in Singapore.

What will be covered in this fully coloured book:

  • Three disruptive forces that are affecting personal selling
  • Seven outdated sales practices
  • Seven “new world” selling rules
  • Future selling skills to bulletproof your sales career

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